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"The Original Factory Shop aim to set up shop in towns that may not have access to other high street names. Their low prices and wide variety of stock are popular with shoppers of all ages!"

About Crewkerne

Welcome to Crewkerne!

Crewkerne is a busy little Somerset market town of around 7,000 residents. The town retains much charm from the bustle of previouscenturies and has some very attractive neo-Georgian architecture in its famous 'honey-coloured' town centre buildings.

Visitors to Crewkerne will find a variety of shops, some large like Waitrose, others small and independent such as theMarket Square, Crewkerne recent and intriguing Vintage Shoppe (all things vintage!) and Something Special (gifts) situated in the charming George Shopping Centre alley - a lovely historic space immediately opposite the front of our Town Hall. On our high street you'll find independent bookshops like Greshams, a treasure trove of antiques at Crewkerne Antiques Centre and some fascinating small, family businesses.

A little out of town we have bargains at The Original Factory Shop - and somewhere worth exploring is the successful 'Antiques Bazaar' where you'll find an Alladin's Cave of intriguing collectibles and antiques. We have our share of small industrial estates with cutting-edge technology businesses and manufacturers, and, of course, visible from many parts of the town, the trees and fields of the beautiful south Somerset countryside which surrounds our community.

Crewkerne is lucky to have a wide selection of 'eateries', from small cafes to local pubs, a traditional hotel in the market square and a selection of take-aways. We have a Farmers' Market and other visiting stalls. A visitor will also be surprised to find a variety of leisure outlets including the Crewkerne Aqua Centre, our independent museum, and an excellent Local Information Centre at our Town Hall. More detail about Crewkerne's history appears below.

With its own hospital, GP surgeries, several dentists, no fewer than five schools and excellent public services, Crewkerne is a superb place to visit - or, of course, to live. We hope you will explore the online directories of this independent town website and contact either those you meet through our pages or even send us an email directly if you have any comments about the site.

For more info on our community, local groups and the huge number of voluntary organisations, why not visit our Community Directory?

The website comes to you from local entrepreneur, Marcus Barrett, who first started a website for the town in 2005. The site exists to promote our local community (including neighbouring villages), its people, groups and businesses and does not cost the taxpayer. Groups and organisations which are not-for-profit are able to have free advertising on the site (please visit the 'Community' tab above), others such as local authorities and businesses are charged a very small fee so this service can be kept going.

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Crewkerne's History

For full background on Crewkerne's important archaeological remains, you may wish to read Somerset Councty Council's survey which was revised in 2003 in co-ordination with English Heritage.
Archaeological Assessment of Crewkerne, Richardson & Webster, 2003 Somerset County Council & English Heritage


The following text is an excerpt from Collinson’s Eighteenth-Century study of the area. As with any ‘antiquarian’ analysis, caution as to actual historicity should be applied.
From Collinson, History & Antiquities of Somerset (1791)


A very ancient town, known in the Saxon times by the name of Crucerne, which is compounded of the words Cruce a cross, and Earne a cottage, or place of retirement. There is no doubt that this name was applied to it in the early ages of Christianity, when churches were rare, and hermitages or cells were the usual places of religious associations.
It is situated in a rich and fertile vale, well wooded and watered, and surrounded with cultivated eminence, which command extensive and very beautiful prospects. The town consists principally of five streets…
[John] Leland visited this town… “Crewkerne (says he) is sette under the rootes of an hille. Ther I saw nothing very notable. Yet ther ys a praty crosse environid with smaul pillers, and a praty toune house yn the market place.”
The market is held on Saturdays, and there is a fair for cattle on the fourth of September.


Friends of
Crewkerne Railway

We need your help – a happy bunch of enthusiasts have set up a group of friends of Crewkerne Station and need a number of volunteers who are interested in helping out. Why not visit our new website (thanks to!) to see what we do and learn more.


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